July 23, 2017

July 23, 2017

John 3:30

“He must increase, but I must decrease.”

As Jesus’s ministry began to be more popular among the Israel people, John’s concerned disciples came and asked him what they were going to do. John’s response is significant. He said that Christ must increase in glory and honor, and that John himself must decrease. The same is true for the lives of all believers. If Jesus Christ is our Savior, then we must be all about bringing him glory, praise with our lives. This means that as we lift up Christ, we are diminishing our own glory and praise. This is the kind of life that God calls and desires of His children. We must decrease and Christ must increase.

Thoughts: Are your thoughts meditating on the truth and worth of Christ? Or are your thoughts constantly on earthly things in order to bring you pleasure and/or glory?
Words: Do your words communicate to others the importance and increasing glory of Christ? Or are you willing to quickly and easily talk about everything but your Savior?
Actions: Are you seeking to glorify Christ with your actions? Or are your actions bringing you further fame and honor?

Is it characteristic of your life that you are seeking to increase the worth and glory of Christ? Or does your life reflect pride and self-exaltation?

The call of John’s ministry was to repent and believe. As we biblically repent of our sins and rely wholly on the perfect sacrifice of Christ to forgive our sins, then our sins are indeed forgiven. Let us rejoice and praise God and our Savior Jesus Christ for His rich mercy and grace!

 – Confession from Sunday, July 23