July 30, 2017

July 30, 2017

Psalm 96

The theme of Psalm 96 is knowing the glory and worth of God, and in light of that knowledge, responding and calling other people to worship and glory in God. The interesting thing about this psalm is that the worship called for is not an individual or private worship. The appropriate Biblical response to the truth of the character of God and His marvelous works of salvation is to proclaim His fame throughout all the earth and among all people.

We glory in what our heart finds worthy. Therefore, as we examine our heart against the truth of this psalm, we can get a picture of our heart by examining what we speak about (Luke 6:45). If our words are not consumed with worshipping and glorying in God, then they will be consumed with other sinful things. So, we must ask ourselves whom or what were we praising this week? Did our words with our spouse, our friends, our family, our co-workers, or our neighbors reflect that of the psalmist? If they are not like the psalmist continually praising God to the ends of the earth, we must repent, because our hearts have not been consumed in worship of our God.

As we repent for not truly recognizing the worth of God with our heart and words, let me tell you of His salvation. Our hope is not in our works or our words or the attempted faithfulness of our heart. Our hope is in Jesus Christ our Redeemer. In our utter helplessness we must repent and recognize that God sent His Son to reach down to us and pull us out of our sinful desperation. Jesus Christ has died to take away ALL of our sin, and He was resurrected to give us life and freedom over sin. It is in light of this marvelous work of God that we should now respond in life-devoted praise.

 – Confession from Sunday, July 30